J国際学院 / J Kokusai Gakuin

There are about 500 students in J Kokusai Gakuin currently. Our students come from many countries including Asian such as Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Westerners. They are working hard on their Japanese studies.

Our school gives individual guidance and talks depending on students’ scholastic ability to enrich the lectures on preparing examination for students who are aimed at enterin university in Japan. Apart from Japanese language, we also provide nursing care course, seminar about business Japanese and business manner which are necessary for working in Japanese company.

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Features of J Kokusai Gakuin

Setting classes depending on your target(More than N2 level)

  • Post Graduate Preparation Class (Aim at entering Graduate School)
  • Special University Preparation Class (Aim at entering departments in public university or famous private university)
  • Business Class (Aim at starting career in Japan)
  • General Expert Class (Aim at studying abroad in Japan and cultural exchange)

Classes are easy to understand

  • Teachers can give accurate advice depending on students’ Japanese level.
  • Since there are more than one class at the same level, we can judge students’ proficiency from an objective view point compared with other students.
  • Flexible curriculum so that teachers can give lessons depending on students’ condition.

    ※ In order to correspond student’s request, the elective courses have been introduced since Oct.2014.

Inter-School Proficiency test is given every half a year.
(Certified by International Lifelong Learning Research Foundation)

  • Since the questions are same on each level ranging from beginner class to upper class, students can find out their weakness compared to others.
  • Original tests are made by expert instructors.
  • Since the questions are answered on mark sheet which is same as the actual examination, you can get used to the atomosphere of examination.
  • You can understand your ability easily using analysis chart.
  • Since the implementation period (Sept, Mar.) is two months before important official approvals (EJU&Proficiency Test), this test can help you to find out ways to overcome your weakness.

We support your independence of study and life using career designed classes

  • Acquire what is needed to reach your goal.
  • Set plans of your development in the future while doing self-analysis.
  • We support to achieve your goals and become talented enough to fulfill the requirement of Japanese firms.
  • Through designated teacher system, we respond each student by attentive personal interview.

Students’ pass rate in Proficiency Test exceeds the official approval pass rate in Japan

  • The results of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in our school have exceeded certification rate in Japan for two consecutive years.

Video Pengenalan Sekolah

School Facilities

EntranceThis is a bright and spacious entrance. Please use elevator on the left to go to reception on 2nd floor.
ReceptionYou can consult with our staffs at any time. There is a PC space and you can surf on the Internet.
Main HallThis hall is used for events such as the entrance and graduation ceremonies.

Free RoomThere are vending machines and you can buy drinks and bread. You may use Wi-fi. Students can take a break here
Bicycle Parking AreaAvailable to park lots of bicycles on 1st floor.
LibraryMaterials about universities and vocational schools are available. There are many Japanese books as well.

School Access



2 mins walk from Subway Yotsubashi line Honmachi station Exit 21



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